Banza Sanitation

Promoting health and human dignity through improved sanitation

Banza Sanitation goes on safari


Patrick our Chief Designer posing next to the Banza toilets he designedDSC_0450



This is the tent positioned over a Banza toiletDSC_0465Setting up for a bathroom break DSC_0468Bathroom break with a great view to die for, but not today




We attracted a small crowd of men who could not resist checking out the Banza Toilet



The ladies too, just had to check it out


The truckers loved the concept, and had just too many stories related to toilets or the lack of.



Sued our Chief Technician shows us just how easy it is to handle the Banza toilet. Putting it together and taking it apart take less than five seconds, no more excuses to shit in the open again.


Goodbye Zebras

 What better way to test a product than to take it out on Safari!

And so here goes Banza Toilet on a test drive to see what the public felt about it.
Our first stop is the small lake side town of Naivasha. But just before we got there, one of us needed to pee.  So we pitched tent at the escarpment overlooking the great rift valley, set up the banza toilet inside it, and tested the toilet in a private space within a public setup..
The experience was like no other, an eye opener.
This got curious onlookers trying to figure out what we were up to. We allowed them to join us in an impromptu product testing session. The look on their faces was telling.
One old gentleman was very captivated by the Banza toilet and wondered where he could get one.
The women were particularly skeptical about sitting on the toilet, something that the men were not inhibited about.
From there our next stop was at a large truck stop in Mai Mahiu, a few kilometres to Naivasha town. We engaged the truck drivers in a conversation. First starting with small talk then to the topic of sanitation. The truckers were very guarded in their answers of where they help themselves, giving such responses as toilets are all over so we don’t have trouble relieving ourselves.
Then we did the big reveal of the Banza Toilet by setting it up before them.  A large crowd was already gathering. This was an instant ice-breaker. The previously guarded truckers now found their tongues and begun talking.
One trucker confessed that they normally urinate in bottles then throw them out of moving trucks. Unsuspecting children playing by the roadside find these bottles and play with them without knowing what the contents of the bottles are.
As we closed in on L.Naivasha, we met a herd of Zebra. We set up the Banza toilet and took these lovely pictures with the Zebra’s in the background.  A perfect opportunity for the Banza Toilet to be marketed as an accessory for those going on Safari.
I must say it was a fun safari, and a great eye opener of the vast potential ahead for the Banza Toilet. It is indeed an exciting time for Banza Toilet.

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