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Water for People (Uganda) visits Banza

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World toilet day celebrated on 19th November 2013 saw visitors come knocking on Banza’s door.

The visitors from Water for People, an international, non-profit humanitarian Organization that aims to help people in developing countries improve quality of life by supporting development of locally sustainable drinking water resources, sanitation facilities and hygiene education programs, were curious to understand how Banza Toilet works and how it is impacting the community where it is being used.

So Marcline Nyambala, the Regional Communication and Knowledge Management Officer, together with Herbert Mwambu, the Business Development Manager, Uganda, spoke to various stakeholders, especially those on the ground.


Herbert speaks with Edwin the collection team leader

They interacted with members of the collection teams to get a glimpse of how the model works.

They also took time to interview some end users of the Banza Toilet.


Claris (a Banza customer) excitedly displays here Banza toilet.

Here, Claris, a Banza Toilet user in Mathare Slum is seen smiling while seated on a Banza Toilet, obviously impressed by how it has simplified her life.


Claris sits with Herbert and Marcline in her house and explains how the Banza toilet has helped her and her children access safe sanitation at night

She shares her story with the visitors.

With over 8 million people in Kenya lacking access to proper sanitation, Banza Toilet is only too proud to share the stories of those who have benefited from the product and how it has changed their lives, with the hope that scale-up of the project can be achieved to replicate more success stories.


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