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GRATITUDE: This is the story of my mother

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Elizabeth Nyambura

My name is Elizabeth, I live in Nairobi.

This is the story of my mother, her name is Julia Wangari. My mum is 80 years old. She is a wonderful mother, a loving grandmother and a sweet great grandmother.

We live in Kasarani Mwiki. Over the years mum has been a hardworking lady. She has lived with asthma for a long time and was also known to have high blood pressure. However her life changed drastically when she was diagnosed with diabetes type 2, in the year 2003.she has had ill health all along. This year alone has been hospitalized twice, the last time in June –July. These ailments render her immobile. When she gets sick we are reduced to putting her on diapers. When she gets a little better she is helped to sit on a pail (ndoo) to relieve herself.

This changed when a friend of mine came to visit my mother and she talked of knowing of a kind of toilet that can be used next to the bed. At that time she had no idea where or who to contact. Later I noticed she had posted something about Banza Sanitation on face book that interested me to read.  At first, thought Banza sanitation is company that sells these kinds of toilets. I liked the page and from them I got information on Banza sanitation. I later posted a request to Banza who answered me immediately. They told me that they are having a pilot programme in Mathare slum. They gave me hope though, that they might extend the progamme to the bedridden and invalids in the future. They also asked me to write an e-mail to them indicating my need which I did. Later I got a call from Patrick who wanted me to set a meeting with him at his office.


Me and my husband at the Banza office

On Friday 6th September, I met Patrick who gave me a toilet kit for my mother.  Me and my family are very happy and excited that now it is easy on us. The toilet is easy to use and also very clean and hygienic. My mother is happy because she feels that someone out there cares. Though sometimes she is losing memory, she expresses her joy in a short interview that we had with her.


This is my mother admiring her new Banza toilet

I on behalf of my family, thank Banza sanitation for the good and noble work they are doing for the sick and the poor. May god bless you.

By Elizabeth Nyambura


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