Banza Sanitation

Promoting health and human dignity through improved sanitation


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According to the WHO (world Health Organisation), many common diseases that result in diarrhea can spread from one person to another when people defecate in the open. Therefore, disposing of excreta safely by isolating faecal waste from flies and other insects and preventing contamination of water supplies, would greatly reduce the spread of diseases.
That’s where the Banza Toilet comes in. As if in response to the WHO call, The Banza toilet has gone a step further by offering separate compartments for faecal matter and urine within its structure. The faecal matter is then collected on a daily basis by the cleaning agents and converted into renewable energy, instead of throwing it out in the open and exposing the community to diseases, supporting a green environment.
The portable toilet can also be used in the comfort of the home, addressing the issue of safety and convenience as well.
So far, the report on the ground from those who are already using it in Mathare, is positive. And this being the pilot phase, any feedback, both negative and positive, will help us learn, grow and improve service delivery.
For us, the sky is the limit in offering big ideas in solving societal challenges.

Poorly designed toilet depositing its contents directly in the ditch below, which then mix with the water.

By: Joy Kiruki


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