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There was a lot of excitement at the initial presentation of the Banza toilet during a meeting between the Senior Chief of Mathare slum, Community Health Workers (CHW’s) of Mabatini village and Community Cleaning Services (CCS).  Most of the CHW’s were keen to have their own toilet at the sight of one. 

The audience, particularly the Chief, was very taken by the visual appeal of the toilet and were surprised that a toilet could look so appealing. After a brief explanation by Elizabeth, a member from CCS, the utility of the toilet seemed rather obvious to all present and many participants were quick to ask how soon they could personally have access to the product. It was also apparent to them that this would serve to reduce the “Flying Toilet” practice. Many CHW’s tested the toilet and were surprised at how strong it was.

Initially, a number of CHW’s, who are very influential in forming public opinion within their communities, had opposed the implementation of the Banza Toilet, viewing it as taboo based on cultural practices. Now their view seems to have changed, making it a major hallmark in the introduction of the Banza Toilet within the community.

The meeting served as a wonderful platform in which to engage the community opinion influencers, giving them a chance to interact with the Banza toilet.

We are packed and ready for a new dawn at Banza Project. Thanks to Grand Challenges Canada (Photo by: Patrick Kiruki)

The community is now, we believe, ready to receive the Banza Toilet!

By: Joy Kiruki

Twitter: @joykiruki

Facebook: joykiruki